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Tomas has always had a passion for helping people learn and grow. When his 9 year old daughter asked him to teach her guitar he developed the Starland Guitar System in Shelagh Geller. Then I found Tomas Michaud. He turned my thinking around through his well thought out advice, learning systems and techniques.

I will be forever grateful for such professional and easy-to-follow lessons. He has taught me to trust my learning capabilities again. I can see clearly now the fog has gone!

Guitar Lessons For Grownups That Really Work

It's so much easier when you are taught how to study the guitar in a methodical and achievable way. Alfredo Menocal. I look forward every day to come home and pick up my guitar to play You make the lessons enjoyable, clear and easy to follow even for a beginner like me. I look forward every day to come home and pick up my guitar to play along with your videos. My goal is to someday play flamenco style guitar such as you play. You are my mentor. I love your CD's.

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Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise. Jimmy Graham. Evans, Georgia. Your teaching method and enthusiasm are contagious! I appreciate your instruction so much. It encourages me to keep trying when I hit a brick wall! You are such a blessing to us struggling guitar guys. Sign up for Real Guitar Success. Watch the course videos and practice for 10 minutes a day. Become the talented guitarist you've always wanted to be!

You really have your heart in this and it shows. Then I found your lessons. They are well thought out and you walk us through our challenges.

It's all the little stuff that puts the puzzle together. You do an excellent job of meeting our requests and anticipating our needs as students. Ria Botha. Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Our expert guidance; your musical journey!

I can always go back to earlier lessons when I forget something. The challenges for me have been chord changes and strumming. But now I get it. Your lessons are well thought out and you walk me through my challenges. Curt Berrien. Berkeley, CA. You are a great, caring teacher You are a great, caring teacher and I really appreciate what you have put together here.

It's a unique roadmap to guide you through everything you need. These will keep you moving forward and help you break out of any guitar rut. The real prize is the skill you'll develop on guitar and the feeling of accomplishment. One of the things that separates Real Guitar Success from many online courses is the caring support. You can submit your questions ahead of time or ask them live. You can request feedback from Tomas, and even submit a video of your playing to get advice or suggestions.

You can get access to hundreds of lessons inside Real Guitar Success right away! No waiting for content to be released. Jump in and start making use of the training now.

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Also, each month you receive a new series of Practice Sessions. These are released each day throughout the month. Real Guitar Success is entirely online. You can watch the lessons on your desktop computer, tablet or phone. For most people streaming the lessons over the Internet is the best option. If you have a slow Internet connection you can also download the videos. So, if you do decide to cancel Something has come up in your personal life. You deserve more than a guitarist who can show you where to put your fingers.

I believe in you. Stop wasting time and BE the talented guitar player you deserve!

How To Play An 8 Bar Blues [Part 2 The Lead Section] Blues Lead Guitar Lesson

Are you wasting precious time by jumping from one random YouTube video to another? Real Guitar Success. Enroll Now. Help When You Need It. Oakland, CA. Helena, CA. Secret Weapon 1: Beginner's Journey. Secret Weapon 2: Guitar Gym.

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Secret Weapon 3: Real Guitar U. Bonus 1. Strumming Mastery. All Packages include the corresponding tabs and charts for the lessons. This 20 lesson package includes a crash course in learning the basic chords needed to play your favorite songs. Topics covered are open chords, reading charts, and basic barre chords.

The Quick Start Beginner Lesson series is for those who are just interested in playing simple chords and versions of their favorite songs. Guitar For Kids is a special package of guitar lessons designed specifically for children ages years old. The 24 lesson course teaches kids the fundamentals of music through the guitar. The course includes the very basic techniques for playing guitar including how to hold, tune, play single note melodies, and 5 basic chords.

The beginner lessons bundle is one of the most extensive beginner courses available. Concepts studied include basic scales and exercises, open chords, strumming, basic theory, 12 bar blues forms, barre chords, reading charts, and learning songs. Username or Email. Remember Me. My Dashboard. Basic 1 Year — Non Recurring. Yearly — Recurring Plus Subscription.

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